Shawn + Sarah’s Engagement | Wegerzyn Gardens

The latest installment of my e-Motion Digital Cinema Sessions is complete.

The one thing that makes these e-Motion Sessions stand out is the technology. I never know exactly what “gem” I am going to capture during each session. For example, I am using wireless lavaliere mics to capture my audio and the sensitivity adjustment is so great that I can pick up the ambient noise during my interviews. Pay close attention during the interview to sounds of birds chirping in the background, yet the wind noise is controlled and the balance is outstanding. The other “gem” occurred close the end of the video where Shawn asks Sarah a question. See if you can pick it up the question and more importantly Sarah’s answer. You can hear me talking in the background, but that is because their conversation wasn’t audible 10 feet away. Luckily, the mics picked everything up.

Shawn and Sarah’s e-Motion Session from Maxim Photo Studio on Vimeo.


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