Mason’s Red, Rhythm and Boom Independence Day Celebration

Yesterday, we attended the annual Mason Red, Rhythm and Boom Concert at Corwin M. Nixon Park. The concert headliner was Huey Lewis and the News. The aging rocker put on a hour long show and belted out his favorites. The show was great, except for Huey’s manager who was a complete jerk. He demanded that I stop photographing the concert about 15 minutes into the performance. He came over to me and said that no more professional photographs. If anyone knows whom this jerk is, please pass along my sentiments.

Also, at the concert was a sighting of a number of DeLoreans. For younger readers, the DeLorean was the car used in Back to the Future movies starring Michael J Fox. Back to the future used Huey’s music and hence the DeLorean following. Click here for your daily jolt of 1.21 Jigawatts.
Mason ConcertMason Concert

Mason ConcertMason ConcertMason ConcertMason ConcertMason ConcertMason ConcertMason ConcertBrady Surikov
Brady SurikovBrady SurikovBrady SurikovBrady SurikovBrady SurikovSlade spent most of the concert covering his ears because of the volume and then covered his ears during the fireworks because of the boomsBrady SurikovBrady SurikovBrady Surikov

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