Dayton Wedding Photographers | Off Camera lighting

I just returned from photographing Anthony and Sara’s wedding in Dayton and could not wait to review the resulting images. From what I saw while putting together the Wedding day slideshow at reception, this improved style is going to be AWESOME!!! and will be based strictly on Off Camera Flash (OCF) lighting setup. The idea behind this lighting is to be different from other photographers by either “overpowering the sun” or by creating a dramatic lighting effect by controlling the ambient light. This setup is the opposite of an “available light” fad which is very common these days where the available light is used exclusively.  Once my OCF lighting is established, I can then focus on getting the composition correctly, without worry about “Inverse Square Law” calculations.

The only drawback to this lighting setup is that I always need an assistant to help with my gear. However, if today’s results are any indication of how my remaining 30 weddings this year are going to be covered, then the added expense is completely worth it. Here are some examples from today’s wedding. Check back next week as I continue to enhance this setup.Wedding Photojournalism PhotographyWedding Photography Lighting

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