Quick Vacation Trip | Washington DC

Wendy, myself and the boys took a quick trip to Washington DC on Monday to visit family and see some of the new sights and sounds of the busy Washington DC area. It was hard to schedule a full vacation during the busy summer with all the weddings and other shoots going on, so we had to settle for a quick 3 day visit. We are returning on Thursday in time for our Friday’s wedding at the Manor House in Mason. We used to live in DC for about 24 years before moving to Ohio in 2007 so this was sort of a homecoming for all of us. Of course the kids remember very little as they were 3 & 5 year old when we left. This morning we visited the Capitol and the Arlington Cemetery and returned in the PM to see the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and Gravelly Point Park for some plane landings. It was a very strange feeling to be tourists after spending a majority of our lives commuting to and from Washington DC on daily basis.

Tomorrow we are getting a tour of the White House. Here are pics from earlier today.washington DC vacation photographywashington DC vacation photos

The image below is from the best spot in the DC area to view the incoming airplane landing at the Ronald Reagan National Airport. The planes are literally about 200 feet above your head.

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