Great Bridal Review

Alright, maybe this is a little self serving, but it is my blog and I am allowed to toot my own horn. I keep saying this over and over again, “We love our brides”. As it happens they love us right back.

Here is the latest from one of our 2009 Brides

“Maxim Photo Studio was amazing. The owner, Max, came just because I felt I needed him to. So, he came for the first hour, and did wonderful shots. Along with Max, were my two photographers. They were personal, helpful and made everything exactly to my liking. If there was anything we wanted, they did it. It was all about US! That was wonderful. And, my album, IT’S BEAUTIFUL. I love it! People around here in Southern Ohio have never seen anything like it. I’ve seen albums like this all over San Francisco and LA, so it was perfect for me. Also, having all the rights to my photos is very convenient. If I could refer Maxim Photo Studio, I would suggest his work to anyone who wants to be catered to and cared for like family.”

Check out this latest batch of reviews:

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