The newest Family sitcom stars

Yesterday, I photographed the family portraits of one of my former wedding clients from earlier this year.  Debbie, Bob and the kids kept goofing around during the shoot, so we decided to do a fun family picture to show off their individuality. I asked that they strike a “silly” pose and didn’t direct them any further. The image came out great.  To really “punch” up this image, I converted it to B&W and used four strobes and a reflector to really separate everyone from the background. I used one main light camera right, one hairlight, and two side kickers for accent.

I was trying to think of what this images reminds me, and someone of Facebook mentioned that this looks like a promo for an upcoming family sitcom. How right on the money was this? They were such a fun group that I can actually see the Woodall family sitcom after capturing this image and spending a couple of hours with them.Woodall Family Portraits

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