Fatima + Justin // Married

Cincinnati Wedding Photographers at Indianapolis Museum of Art

Fatima and Justin were married at Indianapolis Art Museum on Sunday August 31, 2008. I’ll follow up with more images later, but first I wanted to post the following pictures. This image on the left was taken at 6:17 PM with the sunset officially occurring at 8:18PM. Looks like a very ordinary image with the white of sky being clipped in the histogram. Settings for this image were 1/50 sec. f5.0, ISO 640.  Literally, no more than one minute later, I was able to produce the image on the right. Here, the images is well developed with the eye being drawn to the bride and groom being the brightest part of the image rather than the overblown sky.Weddings at the Indianapolis Art Museum

So what happened?

Fatima, Justin and I lucked into being at the Love sculpture at IMA when another photographer was photographing his family using a White-Lightning Beauty Dish. He offered to let me use it and hence the beautiful result. The setting were 1/250 sec. f8.0, ISO 200. As you can see, the sky looks like it is about to set. In reality however in the first photo, we still had a couple of hours of light to go.

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