Maxim Photo Studio is complete

I am happy to report, that the days of my regularly meeting my prospective clients at Panera Bread or Starbucks are OVER!!! Even though I had great success during these consultations, I was not able to truly showcase my work. It was difficult for me to bring my half dozen sample wedding albums to each meeting, not to mention the large gallery wraps to showcase my work. I also hated not knowing which table I was going to get, how busy the restaurant was or if I was going to be able to hear the clients from across the table. Don’t get me wrong, these off-site locations are great for some photographers, but for me, nothing shows professionalism and dedication to the wedding profession than your own Studio location.

Also, the logo and idea of Maxim Photo Studio is complete. “Maxim” is my Russian name which I shortened for English to Max. Since we are primarily photographers I needed to include “Photo” in the title. Lastly, we have about 1,000 sq. ft. of “Studio” and client consultation area.

I’ll put some more images this week of the client consultation area and of the photography studio itself.

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